What We Do

TRAAKiT provides state of the art GPS tracking systems worldwide which can be fitted to a wide variety of assets, both powered and non-powered, reporting locations in real time.

Asset Management

The products we provide allow you to manage your assets. Accessible by virtually any type of mobile device, TRAAKiT products provide businesses with even more opportunities to increase their efficiency, as both workers in the field and in the office can enjoy greater flexibility with how they access data. Data is current and delivered without the need for translation to accommodate particular devices.

Service Manager

The TRAAKiT system monitors the usage of each asset and provides you with weekly reports on the service status of the assets. This enables you to schedule servicing at times that are best for your business and also helps to stop over-servicing and late servicing.

Hours Used

Recording the hours run by your asset is a standard feature of the TRAAKiT system. Each journey, engine on to engine off, and the route is included in reports that are available to see on the screen or to download. This enables you to manage the utilisation of your assets, monitor routes taken, and if you hire your assets to others, recover additional revenues for out of hours usage.


We provide a security feature that enables you to set an invisible electronic boundary around your asset so that if your asset is removed from this boundary for any reason, you will be alerted. We can set the system such that this happens automatically at set times each day to suit your own particular needs.

Experience and Accreditation

With years of experience between all team members, we are deeply rooted in telematics, but are always looking for ways to improve on what we do. It’s this drive that allows us to create the high-value products that our customers enjoy.

TRAAKiT’s intuitive solutions are not only cost-effective but eliminate virtually all of the guesswork from asset management. This allows our customers to streamline their operations, accessing information about the location of their vehicles, mileage, speed, engine hours usage and more. With access to all of this data, a company can manage its capital and operating costs.

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