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There is no doubt that trailers and vehicles are a tempting item for thieves. Year on year, the UK experiences the largest rate of increase in freight crimes. In 2014, this country saw 285 cargo thefts, a 42.5% increase over 2013 numbers and approximately 288 vehicles are stolen every 24 hours in the UK. That translates to one vehicle being stolen every five minutes.

Regardless of your fleet’s size or vehicle type, each trailer and vehicle are an investment. TRAAKiT helps you protect that investment with state-of-the-art GPS tracking, real-time data access and an interface that’s incredibly easy to use.

Reliable Tracking for your Peace of Mind

TRAAKiT devices are small enough to be fitted virtually anywhere in or on your trailer or vehicle. Once set up, the system sends real-time data, whether the trailer or vehicle is stationary or in motion showing you where it is.

Global Online Mapping

TRAAKiT’s cutting-edge online mapping allows you to log in securely from anywhere in the world to see the location of your trailers and vehicles No matter where you or your vehicles are, you can always know what’s happening with them. In the event your trailer or vehicle is stolen, you can obtain minute-by-minute updates on its location so that you can recover your assets quickly and with minimal impact to your bottom line.

Optimise Your Fleet

TRAAKiT can also help you to increase fleet efficiency. The ability to see detailed reports about hours of usage and mileage travelled can help you manage trailer and vehicle usage across your entire fleet. This can help with scheduling maintenance, which can keep your fleet on top and on time.

No Power Source Needed

All types of trailers can be protected with TRAAKiT. Thanks to a built-in battery, your TRAAKiT doesn’t require a permanent power source. So you will always know where your trailer is. When the trailer is connected to the tractor unit, it automatically recharges the TRAAKiT for worry-free convenience.

Create an Unseen Boundary

You can use TRAAKiT to establish an invisible fence around your trailer or vehicle when not in use. Should it travel outside the fence, you will be alerted right away via email or text message.

Easy Installation and Transfer

The TRAAKiT device is easy to install. Simply hide it inside the trailer or vehicle, connect the three wires and you are ready to go. The device can be transferred from one trailer or vehicle to another.

Learn More About TRAAKiT

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