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Trailer and Vehicle Tracking
Trailer and Vehicle Tracking
Trailer and Vehicle Tracking

There is no doubt that trailers and vehicles are a tempting item for thieves. Year on year, the UK experiences the largest rate of increase in freight crimes. In 2014, this country saw 285 cargo thefts, a 42.5% increase over 2013 numbers and approximately 288 vehicles are stolen every 24 hours in the UK. That translates to one vehicle being stolen every five minutes.

Regardless of your fleet’s size or vehicle type, each trailer and vehicle are an investment. TRAAKiT helps you protect that investment with state-of-the-art GPS tracking, real-time data access and an interface that’s incredibly easy to use.

Place and Go
Secure Assets and Equipment

Simply place your TRAAKiT device on the trailer or vehicle that you need to monitor. Once securely fastened to your asset, use the secure online portal to see the location of your vehicle using the state-of-the-art mapping tool provided as standard.

Invisible Fencing
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Using the online mapping tool, you can set a boundary around your asset ensuring that if it ever leaves the perimeter you will be notified via text or email. If your vehicle or trailer travels long distances and never ends its journey in the same place twice, you can set an automatic fence at a set time each day.

Instant Data
Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

If a vehicle is stolen, it can often be hours before the theft is noticed, with a TRAAKiT device fitted to the asset you will be notified immediately when it leaves the predetermined boundary. Using real-time data you will be able to locate and recover your asset faster.

Management Information
Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

Managing your fleet of vehicles is challenging enough, but if they are driving in various areas of the country, it can soon be an impossible task. Using a TRAAKiT device you can get detailed reports on the locations of each vehicle fitted with a tracker, how much time is spent in transit on any given day, and also the speed of the vehicle.

Effortless Transfer
Security Alterts for Asset Tracking

If you are forced to retire a vehicle, you can easily transfer the TRAAKiT device to a new vehicle. Simply recover the device, hide it in the new asset and connect the three wires and you are ready to go. Use the online portal to change the settings and manage the tracker.

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Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

If you have any questions about the TRAAKiT device we are happy to answer them. Simply give us a call on 01638 508605 or click the button below and speak to one of our experts.

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