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Extra-Tough Tracking Solution for Plant and Equipment

Traditional wired tracking devices tend not to work properly on non-powered equipment such as trailers, horseboxes, skips and hook loader bins because of the lack of permanent power. The TD4 LONG LIFE TRAAKiT (LLT) is ideal for all types of non-powered equipment because of its long life internal battery. The battery is designed to be able to send up to 3,500 fixes, which equates to approximately 10 years when reporting once per day.

The TD4 LLT looks similar to a house alarm box, and is not designed to be covert. It is fitted to any metal part of the equipment with sheer bolts (which we supply) which then makes removing the TD4 LLT extremely difficult. The outer casing is made of very tough material that will not break, even under extreme circumstances.

Trailer Tracking
Damage Proof
Fire-resistant casing and weather proof, making it virtually impossible to damage.
Long Life Battery Asset Tracker
Internal battery that will last for up to 10 years, designed specifically to provide security for equipment without an on-board power supply (towable trailers).
Securely Fitted Asset Tracker
Almost impossible for thieves to remove due to its being securely bolted to your equipment.
Asset Tracking Data
Data displays where your equipment is located, available to view via any internet-connected PC, mobile phone or tablet.
Skip Tracking
Farming Trailer Tracking
Asset Tracking Data Monitoring
The details of equipment location are stored and can be accessed via a report.
Asset Tracking Data and Management
Data generated by the TRAAKiT TD4 LLT includes information about invisible fencing, address and time of last reported position, battery status and whether or not the equipment is armed.
Container and Skip Asset Tracking
Can be used to track a wide range of equipment, from towable trailers, containers to loader bins and mobile workshops to skips.
Regular asset tracking data
Device data is sent to our servers every 24 hours via mobile phone networks. Whenever you need to monitor or manage your equipment, simply connect to our data centre via your secure mapping account.
Equipment Trailer Tracking
FREE Guide on GPS Asset Tracking Devices
A quick guide to help you secure, locate and track performance of your assets.
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