It is an unfortunate reality that theft in the agricultural sector is a quickly-growing issue. But just how bad is it? Farm equipment is a considerable investment for agricultural businesses. Loss can cause serious disruption to your busy farming schedule, not to mention the cost of replacing the stolen property. Reports reveal that only a small fraction of agricultural and farming vehicles stolen each year are ever recovered. At TRAAKiT we believe that this number can be reduced, one vehicle at a time.

Equipment Use Optimisation with the Latest Technology

TRAAKiT employs modern GPS technology to help agricultural plant and equipment owners get the detailed reports they need about all aspects of their vehicles. With TRAAKiT installed, you can see how your vehicles are being used, schedule maintenance, and ensure all of your equipment is where it’s supposed to be.

Global Mapping That’s Globally Accessible

Because all of the data your TRAAKiT device gathers is accessible online, you can log in from anywhere in the world to view vehicle and equipment information. So even if you are away on business or even on vacation, you can keep an eye on your operation and address any issues which may come up without having to be there.

Virtually Invisible Placement

TRAAKiT devices have been designed to be virtually invisible. They can be installed anywhere in a vehicle out of sight. This provides the unbiased data and reporting you need to move your entire operation forward, as well as keep all of your equipment where it belongs.

Recover Your Equipment

Should your equipment be stolen, you can address it immediately, thanks to TRAAKiT’s immediate data access. We provide real-time data that covers not only the date and time of equipment removal, but also where the equipment was when taken, and as you can see where it is now even if the equipment has been taken outside the country, you can recover it far more quickly than you would without a tracking device.

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