Regardless of what your company hires, theft can be – and is – a persistent problem. Indeed, your company can stand to lose thousands of pounds if your equipment isn’t being tracked. But there’s no need to worry when you have TRAAKiT installed on your equipment. Whether large or small, our devices can be discreetly installed so that no one has to know you are tracking your equipment but you.

Track Maintenance Schedules

Because TRAAKiT uses modern GPS technology, our customers receive detailed reports about all of their vehicles, including maintenance and usage. This allows you to schedule maintenance only when needed, which saves you money. But it also allows you to ensure that all the equipment you hire remains in the top working order that your customers expect.

Set an Invisible Border

Keeping your hire equipment safe is much easier when you have one method of tracking it all. TRAAKiT offers an invisible fencing feature that allows you to do just that. Simply place your equipment in the desired area, set your fencing, and go. Should any equipment leave your designated area, you will be notified immediately via email or text message.

Get Details from Anywhere

TRAAKiT also offers global mapping, which means that no matter where you or your equipment may be you can access the data your TRAAKiT generates. That means for example if your equipment is in London, but you are in Hawaii, all that you need to do is log into your user account to view its data.

Place TRAAKiT Anywhere

Out-of-sight placement is what makes TRAAKiT such a valuable means of obtaining data. Out of sight means no one knows it’s there but you, which means unbiased data and reporting that you can use to make your company operate even more efficiently than it already does.

Find Out How TRAAKiT Can Benefit Your Hire Business Today

You can learn more about TRAAKiT and how it can help your business by calling us on 01638 508605, or by visiting our contact page.

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The power of international tracking at a price that works for you

Get more information about how TRAAKiT can benefit your operation; simply contact us today, or call us on 01638 508605.

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