GPS Agricultural Theft

Thefts of GPS systems are a major concern.

With GPS units costing up to £15,000 or more, the equipment is costly to replace.  Its loss can also massively disrupt day to day farming operations.

There are more thefts of agricultural GPS equipment than any other farm equipment and organised crime is to blame.  GPS thefts in the first quarter of 2023 are up by 30% on 2022.

The John Deere Starfire is the main target. Removing the Starfire from the farm vehicle and storing inside a building will reduce the chances of theft.

But thieves do break into buildings.

Developed in conjunction with NFU Mutual and local farmers, our solution tracks stolen Starfire Domes in real time.  They can then, hopefully, be recovered and the thieves caught and prosecuted.

So how does it work?

In this application, we use our existing TRAAKiT TD3 together with a Secure Operating Centre (SOC).

  • The TRAAKiT TD3 arms automatically with the Starfire power switched off.
  • It disarms automatically with the power switched on.
  • The TRAAKiT TD3 alerts the SOC immediately when armed and the Starfire moved,

The SOC Centre handles everything:

  • It monitors the Starfire 24/7/365
  • It receives and handles any alerts
  • It coordinates with you and the police.

It’s a bit like a home monitored burglar alarm system, except that you do not have to set the alarm or deactivate it.

The SOC usually receives an alert within a couple of minutes and will normally contact you within the next 3 minutes.

The future

We are developing solutions for other models of GNSS Agricultural receivers.

Find out more about how the TRAAKiT TD3 can combat Agricultural GPS Theft

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