The construction industry loses millions of pounds each year to theft. Not only that, but construction equipment thefts can result in higher insurance premiums and company-wide delays. Having a solution that effectively reduces theft with real-time data and reporting can ensure that your construction vehicles are where they should be: on site.

The Latest GPS Technology

TRAAKiT helps with the tracking of construction plant and equipment with the use of cutting-edge GPS technology. Whenever a plant or equipment is moved outside of its designated area, an alert is sent so that any suspicious activity can be addressed.

Instantly-Usable Data

There is no need to wait for information from law enforcement when you use TRAAKiT. That’s because it delivers the latest data directly to any PC, tablet, Ipad or smartphone. And should theft or unauthorised use occur, alerts can be sent to whomever you have nominated, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Detailed Reporting

TRAAKiT offers detailed reports that provide you with detailed management information of your construction equipment, including when it was last used and for how long, how far it travelled and when it’s due for servicing, to name but a few. And with our easy-to-use interface, access is effortless and secure.

Access from Anywhere

TRAAKiT data can be accessed online from an internet enabled device anywhere in the world, which means that even if you are away from the site, you can see what’s happening with all of your plant and equipment and know just how efficiently your entire operation is running.

TRAAKiT Works for Construction Businesses

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GPS Asset Tracking Devices Guide

The power of international tracking at a price that works for you

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