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Plant and Equipment Tracking
Plant and Equipment Tracking
Plant and Equipment Tracking

Vehicle crime continues to rise, with the theft of plant and construction equipment at the top of the list. Despite the fact that plant equipment theft reaches up to £400 million each year, only around 5% of stolen equipment is ever recovered.

TRAAKiT uses the latest GPS technology to track all of your plant and equipment, as well as sending alerts when the plant or equipment is removed from zones you’ve designated.

Place and Go
Secure Assets and Equipment

Easily install a TRAAKiT device on the plant or equipment that you want to track. Once placed visit the secure online portal to monitor your assets with the state-of-the-art mapping tool we provide as standard with the device.

Invisible Fencing
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Protect your plant or equipment by surrounding it with an invisible fence that can be remotely set via the online portal, or prearranged to automatically activate at a set time each day. The minute one of your protected assets travels outside the predetermined boundary you will be notified via email or text.

Instant Data
Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

5% of stolen plant and equipment assets are recovered, with TRAAKiT you are provided with the real-time data you need to locate and recover a stolen asset. If an asset leaves the invisible fence you set you will notified immediately. When theft occurs, time is of the essence.

Management Information
Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

Access the secure online portal anywhere in the world and use the easy-to-understand interface to get detailed reports of the movements of your assets. The TRAAKiT device will record and share every movement, distance travelled and current location, so if you suspect a theft has occurred, or the misuse of your equipment, you can know in minutes.

Effortless Transfer
Security Alterts for Asset Tracking

The TRAAKiT device is easy to install and transferrable to another asset when required. The device is connected to your asset via three wires and just needs to be placed out of view. Using the online portal you can rename and manage your tracking device, reset invisible fences, and get detailed reports daily.

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We are ready to answer any questions you might have about the TRAAKiT tracking solution. Give us a call on 01638 508605 or get in touch below.

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