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The quarrying industry deals with its fair share of vehicle and equipment thefts every year. And the costs of these thefts can run into the thousands. But with TRAAKiT, quarry management has an ally. Owners everywhere are using TRAAKiT devices to protect their investments.

Place and Go
Secure Assets and Equipment

Discreetly place the TRAAKiT device on any plant or piece of equipment you want to track for reliable monitoring. At your Quarry, vehicles may come and go daily, ensure that your equipment remains on site.

Invisible Fencing
Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

The quarrying industry unfortunately suffers numerous vehicle and equipment thefts each year, costing companies thousands. With TRAAKiT, quarry management has an ally. Get notified whenever an investment leaves the invisible border you set.

Instant Data
Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

Become instantly aware when an investment leaves your site without prior authorisation; time is of the essence when a vehicle or piece of equipment is stolen, TRAAKiT helps you to recover it quickly.

Management Information
Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

With the TRAAKiT device installed on your quarrying equipment, receive detailed reports on how long each vehicle was used, the route it took, and how far overall it travelled. This information is accessed securely via the internet and requires no software to see.

Effortless Transfer
Security Alterts for Asset Tracking

The TRAAKiT device will track the vehicle or equipment that it is installed on; should you choose to remove the device and assign it to another vehicle, simply detach it from the current vehicle and head to the secure online interface and update the settings.

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Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

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