The quarrying industry deals with its fair share of vehicle and equipment thefts every year. And the costs of these thefts can run into the thousands. But with TRAAKiT, quarry management has an ally. Owners everywhere are using TRAAKiT devices to protect their investments.

Global Access

The TRAAKiT series of devices are designed to send information about vehicle location and usage every 24 hours. Simply by logging into your account, you can see just when vehicles and other equipment were used, and for how long. And because your account is online, it can be accessed from anywhere you may be.

Set an Invisible Fence

One of the most effective ways that TRAAKiT helps to deter theft is with the ‘invisible fencing’ feature. Simply park your vehicles and equipment, and then erect a fence around them. Whenever one of your vehicles leaves your designated area, you are notified via email or text message.

Effortless and Virtually instant Data Transfer

Your TRAAKiT device can be transferred from one vehicle to another without the need for time-consuming and complex processes.

Quality Tracking You Can Rely On

All of our devices have been designed for discreet installation. The ability to place TRAAKiT virtually anywhere on or inside a vehicle means that you get completely objective data which can then be used to increase the efficiency of your operations.

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Get more information about how TRAAKiT can benefit your operation; simply contact us today, or call us on 01638 508605.

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