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Wired in monitor suitable for all powered machines

The TRAAKiT TD3 monitor is more than just a tracking monitor. Not only does it keep watch over your machine, it provides data that can be turned into management information. The TRAAKiT TD3 monitor is ideal for all powered machines.

Vehicle Tracker
Covert Asset Tracker
The TRAAKiT TD3 monitor is small and is designed to be covert with no external aerial or lights to give it away.
Web Based Asset Tracking
We provide you with a secure access web based mapping account where you can view the locations of your machine fitted with the TRAAKiT TD3 monitor.
Invisible Fence Asset Tracking
The mapping solution is also the command and control centre for your TRAAKiT TD3 monitors where you can set secure Invisible fences, set up contacts to receive alerts for breach of invisible fences and power alerts.
Asset Tracking Reports
You can also get management information by running hours used reports, journey reports either on a map or in a report and reports on engine hours or mileage via the service manager function. You can also receive alerts on when your machine needs servicing.
Farming Vehicle Tracking
Construction Vehicle Tracking
Asset Tracking Subscription
Device data is recorded every hour when the equipment is stationary and every 5 minutes when the tracker is moving.
Rechargable Battery
Designed for powered vehicles and equipment with an onboard 12V or 24V battery, such as pumps, generators, plant and farming equipment, which continually charge the TRAAKiT battery.
FREE Guide on GPS Asset Tracking Devices
A quick guide to help you secure, locate and track performance of your assets.
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