The TRAAKiT TD3 is a small device wired to the vehicle’s power source using a wiring loom and can be hidden covertly virtually anywhere in or on a vehicle or piece of equipment.

Global Mapping Available from Anywhere

Even if you are away from the office on business or even vacation, you can see where your asset is and access the data from your TRAAKiT TD3. Simply log into your account from any internet enabled PC, tablet or Ipad or from your smart-phone to see all of the information related to your equipment.

Invisible Fencing

Invisible fencing is a standard feature across the TRAAKiT range of devices. When your asset has come to halt and the engine is switched off, use our software to set an invisible fence around it. You can choose who to notify if your vehicle or piece of equipment leaves the designated area.


The TD3 has its own internal battery that is charged continually from the vehicle’s power source. If the TD3 is disconnected from the vehicle power source, you will be alerted and the TD3 will continue to report for up to 3 months. It could be that a theft is in progress or simply the battery on the vehicle needs to be charged or changed.

Vital Data

The TRAAKiT TD3 also provides you with mileage covered by your vehicles, as well as for how many hours a piece of equipment or vehicle has used. Our service manager feature will alert you if your asset is due for a service. Historical data on where your asset has been is kept for 12 months and you can access this at any time.

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