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Fleet management in the rail construction and maintenance industry is challenging enough without the threat of theft. The unfortunate reality is that construction and support vehicles can fetch high prices, which make them very desirable to thieves. But TRAAKiT’s cutting-edge technology can help slash the chances of your fleet being stolen.

Place and Go
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Place the TRAAKiT device discreetly on the vehicle or equipment that you want to track. Once placed and active, use the state-of-the-art mapping tool we provide to monitor your assets. Rail construction vehicles can cover huge areas; with TRAAKiT you’re always aware of their location.

Invisible Fencing
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Rail construction vehicles work in a defined area; with TRAAKiT you can set an invisible fence to match this area. The second a tracked asset leaves the designated boundary you will receive a notification. These boundaries can be activated on a timer to ensure your devices are being monitored during down time.

Instant Data
Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

Construction and support vehicles fetch high prices so are unfortunately targets for theft. If a theft occurs, as soon as that vehicle leaves your pre determined boundary you will be notified and provided with real-time data to help you recover your asset.

Management Information
Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

Access detailed daily reports securely via the internet from anywhere in the world. This means that wherever you are in the world you know exactly how each asset has been used that day, how long it has been used, and how far it has travelled.

Effortless Transfer
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Installation of the TRAAKiT device could not be easier, simply place the unit discreetly on the asset, connect the three wires, and then visit the online portal to agree the settings. The simplicity in design allows it to be transferred to multiple vehicles or pieces of equipment whenever required.

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We are happy to answer any questions you have about the TRAAKiT device. Give us a call on 01638 508605 or get in touch below.

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