Generators and Pumps

Keeping track of generators and pumps can be difficult and if you hire them out, billing for excess hours isn’t without its frustration. But TRAAKiT provides a way to ensure the security of your assets, as well as allowing you a means by which to bill for usage.

Know Where Your Assets Are, No Matter Where You Are

Being able to know where your pumps and generators are, even when they’re in a remote location can bring you peace of mind. TRAAKiT’s system only requires you to log into your account from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and you can see where your assets are instantly.

This kind of global mapping capability can help you keep track of your assets and save you money.

A Flexible Window

You can choose to see all of the assets you track with TRAAKiT or only those assets you’ve identified specifically. Whichever you choose, flexible asset management is what the modern GPS tracking available with TRAAKiT provides. Whether you choose to manage all of your assets or just a few, you can ensure that you are running your entire operation more efficiently.

Theft Alerts with Invisible Fencing

Once in place, your pump or generator can be surrounded by an invisible electronic fence. The minute a protected asset travels outside your designated boundary, you are notified by email or text. We can set the system to automatically create an invisible fence each time the pump or generator stops working.

Protect without Power

Any piece of equipment can be protected with TRAAKiT, even those without a built-in power source, making our devices perfect for pumps and generators.

Easy Billing

When your equipment is travelling far and wide, usage can be difficult to track. But when TRAAKiT is installed, you can see where your assets are being used and for how long, making billing and maintenance incredibly easy to do.

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