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Generator and Pump Tracking
Generator and Pump Tracking
Generator and Pump Tracking

Keeping track of generators and pumps can be difficult and if you hire them out, billing for excess hours isn’t without its frustration. But TRAAKiT provides a way to ensure the security of your assets, as well as allowing you a means by which to bill for usage.

TRAAKiT uses the latest GPS technology to track all of your generators and pumps, as well as sending alerts if the equipment is removed from its designated location.

Place and Go
Secure Assets and Equipment

Simply hide the TRAAKiT device on the generator or pump that you want to track. Once the device has been placed you can start to track the equipment via the secure online portal and the state-of-the-art mapping tool we provide.

Invisible Fencing
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Your generator or pump should not generally leave the site is place on, therefore it is in your best interest to set an invisible boundary around your asset to ensure that the minute it leaves your designated boundary you will be notified via text or email. If the assets are intended to move, the invisible boundary can be automatically set for set times each day.

Instant Data
Great Customer Services for Asset Tracking

Unfortunately stolen plant and equipment assets fetch high prices which make them a target when your site is left unattended. With the TRAAKiT device installed, the minute your asset leaves the perimeter of your site you will be notified and using the real-time data you can locate and recover your asset.

Management Information
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As well as tracking the location of your plant or equipment asset, it may be important for you to understand how each asset is being used day to day. Using the secure online portal and navigating through the easy-to-use interface you will be able to get detailed reports revealing how long your equipment has been used for and how far it travelled each day.

Effortless Transfer
Security Alterts for Asset Tracking

Using the TRAAKiT device could not be simpler. Attach the wires to the asset being tracked and then hide the device. The device is easily detachable and can be transferred to other plant or equipment assets as you require.

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We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding the TRAAKiT tracking device. Simply give us a call on 01638 508605 or click the button below.

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