Connecting to EE Network

This is a message for customers using the TRAAKiT TD3, Tough TRAAKiT or TD4 Long Life TRAAKiT.

These TRAAKiT devices have a roaming SIM installed which means that the device can connect with any mobile network both in the UK and abroad. Having a roaming SIM  is a feature that is now common amongst all companies that provide GPS/GPRS tracking solutions and it should therefore improve connectivity.

However, EE has unilaterally decided that it will no longer accept connections from tracking devices that do no have an EE SIM installed.  This means that TRAAKiT devices can no longer send data back to our servers via the EE network so it will appear on the mapping as the device not updating its position.  The TRAAKiT device will continue to record its positions an status and these will be sent to the servers once the device is able to connect to a non-EE mobile cell.

We are working to change the firmware within these devices so that they stop trying to connect to EE and concentrate on the other mobile .networks and we hope to have this upgrade available as soon as possible.  When it is available, we shall automatically upload it to the devices over the air.  You will not have to do anything.

We appreciate that this is frustrating for you but we ask for  your patience whilst we find the fix.

This situation does not affect the TRAAKiT TD2 which does not have a roaming SIM.

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