What Is An Asset Tracking System?

The definition of an asset  can be very broad and can include financial assets, stock, property, to name but a few. In this article we are concentrating on physical moveable assets. When you think about physical assets, it’s highly likely you have more than you ever realised. These things can be highly valuable and should be monitored and protected.. This is where an asset tracking system comes into play.

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Do GPS Asset Tracking Devices Measure Engine Hours & Mileage?

The short answer to this question is ‘yes’ – asset tracking devices are used by many businesses and organisations to manage maintenance schedules, help reduce repair bills and maximise efficient output from individual assets. Why is it important to track engine hours and mileage?

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How Much Does A GPS Asset Tracking Device Cost?

If you are an asset manager considering a GPS tracking solution for your assets or mobile machinery one of the first things you will probably consider is the cost. There’s no doubt it’s an important question, but bear in mind it should not be asked in isolation. You should also consider the potential return on investment (ROI).

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Are GPS Tracking Devices Worth The Money?

With crime on the increase, installing GPS tracking devices to your valuable assets is an extremely reliable, efficient way of safeguarding your property. A GPS asset management system is a financial investment but could save you a huge amount of trouble, in the long run, if your machinery or assets are stolen?

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